Tokenize your business

Turn your company's existing assets into digital shares and launch a tokensale with your own cryptocurrency.

blockchain for your business

Step into the Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies world and build a thriving ecosystem around your business.

Next generation

The CoinKitchen Team hosts a rare mix of expertise in both the mainstream digital marketing and revolutionary blockchain space and will assist you during your STO campaign to create and design your own securities with purpose.

Combining both innovative marketing strategies and experience in tokensales, we are specialists in building your community and help you launch a successful fundraiser.

Coinkitchen provides access to a large network of private investors, crypto funds and VCs that are interested in our projects. We put you in direct contact with them and help along the way.

Our team of experts is specialized in building your Smart Contracts, Marketing Strategies, Brand- and Community Building, Post-Tokensale management and other focused applications. After your Tokensale, we can also assist you in getting your token listed on global exchanges.


We offer access to our vast network of investors to help you fund your project.
Advisory regarding token economics and tokensale structures, as well as KYC/AML preparations.
Advisory for your project after the STO and developing your ideal go-to market strategy.
We provide direct access to media partners, including press and community management.

Our objective is to provide our clients with individual and innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Smart Contracts

Secure smart contract creation for your cryptocurrency


Custom tools to manage and analyze your project

Global Investors

We connect you and help pitch your project


Our intuitive dashboard to track your tokensale progress


Blockchain-based digitization of your assets


Pre- and post- ICO/STO strategies