Community building

We help you build an engaged digital audience for your project, creating an online community with your supporters and potential clients.

Grow your online audience

We increase your social media presence and help you build an engaged community

Why build your community?

The most important part for any company to bring their product or service to the market is to know and engage with their target audience.
CoinKitchen will help you to determine what type of community you want to build, how to engage with the audience you already have, and how to grow that audience to gain long-term supporters and clients that are aligned with your brand and mission.

CoinKitchen specializes in custom tools to incentivize your audience to get engaged - for example through a bounty program! Bounty programs have become increasingly popular in the crypto space, allowing users to earn rewards for social activity and spreading the word about your project.
Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing, so why not let your audience advertise your project for you?


Build a relationship with your targeted audience and create a lasting community of satisfied customers!

With custom software and state-of-the-art digital marketing tools, Coinkitchen helps you build your online community

Global Community

We help build your targeted community with impact.

Amabassador Network

Establish global Ambassadors to represent your project

Automated tasks

We create customized software tools to grow your community

Let´s grow